Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BGS Graded Mailday - Pujols Howard Halladay Longoria

Sent these 4 in a group submission on  If you haven't gotten in on this deal and you are into grading you need to try this.  Great price and a fast turnaround.  I'll never submit directly to Beckett again.  I'm really proud of this set.  Nothing under a 9 is great as far as I'm concerned.  Pujols is for trade for the right card.

2007 Bowman Prospects Blue #BP112 Evan Longoria AU 465/500 BGS 9/Auto 10
1997 Bowman Chrome #212 Roy Halladay RC BGS 9.5
2001 Topps Chrome Traded #T247 Albert Pujols BGS 9 (this is my second one)
2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres #62 Ryan Howard XRC BGS 9


Textbook Plays said...

I am looking at getting a Beckett subscription which comes with two free gradings. Can you tell me why you are against mailing into Beckett before I do?

Anonymous said...

@Textbook Plays, The only reason is expense. If you have extra money to blow then by all means just send them in yourself. If you have a small grading budget like myself just join the FCB community and get them graded cheaper for almost as fast. Even with the free gradings from Beckett your still have to pay all shipping and insurance. Let me know if you have any other questions.

d said...

is that howard for sell?

Anonymous said...

@d, sorry the Howard is for my collection.