Friday, April 1, 2011

2003 Bowman Uncirculated Silver #63 Roy Oswalt

With Beckett being so out of wack, I am just now getting stuff entered and posted.  Still not buying Beckett online price guide until everything is fixed.  How dare they give us a unfinished product and then raise the price.  What a crock!   Anyway, here is a card I got off eBay from a while back.  2003 Bowman Uncirculated Silver #63 Roy Oswalt.  Numbered to 250.  Picked this one up for $3 shipped.  I like these uncirculated cards.  Trying to pickup a few of him like this from different years but I'm holding off on buying stuff right now, just mostly trading.


ThingsareFunnerHere said...

Nice card. I collect him too but never considered looking for uncirculated stuff.

Anonymous said...

@thingsarefunnerhere, If you collect both Roy's then you should really like my blog. I have already posted a few cool cards of both and have more coming. Wait until you see what I am about to get back from BGS.