Sunday, April 3, 2011

2010 Stephen Strasburg rookie cards

The hobby can hate him all they want but he was great before he got hurt.  I am so glad I didn't invest in him though when his cards were skyrocketing.  I'm fine buying them on the keep these days.  Remember when his items on eBay would never not sell.  Happens all the time now.  I was the only bidder for the 2 cards.  Got them for $3 each shipped.  Not too shabby.  2010 Topps 206 #55 Stephen Strasburg & 2010 Topps Chrome Target Exclusive Refractors #BC1 Stephen Strasburg.


Textbook Plays said...

As a collector of vintage and new rookie/prospect cards, I have not liked the trend of the hyped rookies having more value than established stars. For instance, how does a base Strasburg rookie at one time have close to equal value of a Mauer. But the market is what it is.

Fuji said...

You got a great deal... I don't have any Strasburg cards in my collection, but at that price I'd definitely pick up the refractor.

Anonymous said...

@Textbook Play, I totally agree with you on that. Hype will do a lot for a card.