Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1996 Leaf Gold Stars #4 Ken Griffey Jr

1996 Leaf Gold Stars #4 Ken Griffey Jr. Numbered 1624 of 2500.  Betcha don't have this one Mike.  You know who you are.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FREE Contest Giveaway - 2008 UD Prince Fielder Quad Jersey Piece

Contest is for a 2008 UD Premier Remnants quad jersey piece serial numbered to 50. You can have a total of 3 entries. You have to be a member of my blog to enter. Just leave a comment on the contest post on Baseball Cards Rules blog, join our Facebook page, or promote this contest on your blog. Make sure to mention the last two in your comment. Contest ends June 3rd. Good luck.

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_100896979964944&ap=1

Friday, May 20, 2011

Trade with Nomo's Sushi Platter - Oswalt, Verlander, Maddux, Bonds, Chipper

Here is a trade with fellow blogger Michael from Nomo's Sushi Platter.  I had a lot of extra Dodgers cards (and still do) and he had some pc cards I could use.  I really didn't care what he shipped me since I just wanted a good home for some cards that were just burning up space in my office.  He picked some really good ones though to give me.  Here's just a sample.  There were several more.  I think I maybe had 3 of them already.  Thanks again for the trade.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My First Trade Video for a Cal Ripken 2001 Donruss Classic Stadium Stars...

My first trade video. Up for trade is a 2001 Donruss Classics Stadium Stars #SS2 Cal Ripken. Let me know what you have and lets see if we can make a deal.  Email all offers to info@baseballcardsrule.com.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trade with The Daily Dimwit - Oswalt

This is my second trade with Sam at The Daily Dimwit blog.  He had an extra 2006 Upper Deck Ovation Apparel #RO Roy Oswalt jersey card and I had an extra Berkman jersey card so it was a match.  Thanks for the trade.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Justin Verlander walks one in near perfect no-hitter

Congrats to Justin Verlander, one of my favorites, on his second no hitter.  I'm sure there are more to come.  More details here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C32 Trevor Hoffman 599/1959
2010 Bowman Platinum #60 Mat Latos
2006 Upper Deck UD Game Materials #RH1 Roy Halladay Jsy S1
2004 Bowman Uncirculated Silver #96 Tom Glavine 239/245
2009 Topps Uncirculated Autographs #1 Andre Dawson
2002 Bowman Uncirculated #381 David Wright

What a Joke: Beckett.com Update: News You Can Use for May 4, 2011

Just incase this email got lost in your spam folder.  Beckett not only raised their price for the OPG but now you will have to pay to use the organize which as of right now still doesn't work properly and all my cards in my organize were not transferred over in the upgrade to the new site.  I was also blocked from their Facebook page just for simply mentioning the new fee for organize.  Charge me when you have a fully functional website.  What a bunch of liars.  Here it is.  The formatting kinda messed up when I pasted it.

What's New on Beckett.com

It is spring and all of us here at Beckett are busy as bees creating a really sweet website. There is nothing that geeks us up more than bringing you new features, or tweaking areas to make them even more user friendly. We want you to have the best experience possible on Beckett.com.

There are so many things to do on Beckett.com, and we want you to love all of them. Right now, we would like to address some major changes happening to a couple of them.


What's New?

Trade Works!! Beckett Trade is up and running now! This took longer than expected and we appreciate your patience. At this time you can set up your items to trade in Organize, and then use the Trade tool to complete the transactions. We are streamlining trade to make it easier to use. Very soon, all you will need are these simples steps to get started.
  1. For each item you wish to trade away, enter the number of cards you have in the TRADE AWAY column.
  2. For each item you wish to trade for, enter the number of cards you would like in the TRADE FOR column.
  3. Set up a preferred shipping address in the Contact Information section of My Account.
  4. Complete the information in the Trade Settings section of My Account.
  5. You no longer need to make a collection Public to make an item available for Trade.
Now you're ready to find traders.
  1. Search for a card you want and click on the card title to get to the Item Detail Page.
  2. Look for someone who has the card for trade in the C2C Trade zone.
  3. Click the green arrow to begin a trade.
Now you're ready to start trading!
  1. Add cards to each side of the trade by clicking ADD ITEMS. (Note: Any items you or the other trader want will have a W next to them.) When you have the trade ready to go, click SEND OFFER. The other trader will be able to accept, counter-offer, or cancel the trade.
  2. If you have an Online Price Guide subscription, you will see the Total Beckett Value of each side of the trade as well as Beckett Value for each item. Total Access will allow you to see all items with a price, or you will see the price for the sport(s) to which you are subscribed.
  3. Click on the Trade tab to see any trade updates. Active trades will show you the next steps you need to take or let you know if you are waiting for the other trader. Updates can be found in the Trade Notifications section. My Account also has a Notifications section you can set up to receive emails for any Trade updates.
  4. When the trade is accepted, send the cards and mark them as shipped. When you receive your cards, mark them as received. Remember to leave feedback for the member.
The C2C Trade Zone

This is a new zone on the Item Detail page. This zone will show other members who have this item available for trade - either wanting to trade it away, or wanting to trade for it. Just search for something you want and look for a potential trader.
Coming Soon to Trade!
  1. MatchMaker - A multi-level tool to help you find the perfect trade match.
  2. C2C Trade zones on Set and Player Detail Pages.
  3. Collector searches!
  4. Selling available through the Trade tool.
  5. Find buyers and sellers in the new and improved C2C selling area.

Beckett Organize - The World's Most Complete Online Collecting Tool

And we mean this. With Organize you can:
  1. Create collections
  2. Move collections to folders
  3. Add items to multiple collections
  4. Duplicate a single item for multiple conditions
  5. Set up for trade, sale or buying
  6. Change a raw card to a graded card, including the grade from major grading companies
  7. Sort by card description, quantities, condition, print run, or attributes
  8. View the image gallery, if available, for that item
  9. View collection stats
  10. Calculate the value of your collection with an Online Price Guide purchase
One of our main goals with the new site is to keep performance levels high. We have made vast improvements and find very few problems. Most are solved by utilizing Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even Internet Explorer 9. If you are using Internet Explorer 8, please DO NOT use Beckett.com while it is in compatibility mode. Turning off compatibility mode will correct the formatting problems.

In order to continue these enhancements, on May 11th we will begin charging a yearly fee of $19.99 for the use of Organize. This is less than $2.00 a month to manage your personal collections and allow us to keep adding features and providing the website support you need.

KEEP READING! There is a way to receive Organize for FREE! With a Sport, Player, or Total Access Online Price Guide subscription, you can continue to access Organize for free. Or if you are new to Organize and would like to test it out free, you can add up to 100 cards without a subscription.

If your subscription expires (Organize or OPG), don't worry, you will not lose your collections. They'll be kept in storage until you are ready to subscribe again.

What can you expect in the way of new features on Organize?
  1. Custom reporting
  2. Printing collections
  3. System folders to search by attribute (RC, AUTO, Mem, Ser #, etc.)
  4. Alerts and notifications
  5. Graded Card Pricing integration
Beckett Grading Services

The Beckett Grading Services electronic submission form now includes the ENTIRE price guide database rather than the partial database previously available.

What else can you expect from Beckett.com this year?
  1. New Beckett Grading Services site
  2. New Beckett Marketplace site
  3. New Beckett Registry
  4. Alerts/Notifications system
  5. Updated profile pages
  6. Image Upload Contests
  7. Trade and Registry leader boards
  8. Other promotions yet to be created!
We are very excited with the growth so far in this burgeoning website. Stay tuned for more details. If you ever need to reach us, please contact customerservice@beckett.com.

Thank you for your support over the years and good luck with your collecting!
Your Beckett Team

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Contest Winner for FREE Ike Davis rookie card is...

Matt Pederson over at the Cardboard Conundrum blog.  Congrats Matt, it is yours.  I would normally email you for your address but since we just did a trade I probably already have it.  Will ship it out Thursday.  I've got a really good contest thought up for next week so stay tuned.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Trade with Cardboard Conundrum: Frank Thomas, McGwire, Bonds, Clemens

Got this package about a week ago but am just getting to entering it into my collection.  Trade with Matt over at Cardboard Conundrum.  Got a bunch of cards I needed.  I think I only had 2 or 3 cards already in my collection.  Another great trade.  Here is just a very small sample of what I got.

Last day to enter contest for FREE Ike David rookie card

Don't forget to enter my contest for the FREE Ike Davis rookie card.  Contest ends tonight at midnight.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

2001 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game #43BA Greg Maddux

A great card in my collection.  I sure do miss watching this guy pitch. Can't wait to see him go into the Baseball Hall of Fame. 2001 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game #43BA Greg Maddux game jersey.