Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Andy Pettitte Game Used Mailday

Bought these fairly cheap from one ebay seller.  I went to school with Andy so I collect a lot of his cards.

2008 SPx Winning Materials Jersey Number #PE Andy Pettitte /125
2008 SPx Winning Materials Baseball #PE Andy Pettitte /99
2006 Topps Turkey Red Relics #APE Andy Pettitte


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Fitting given that he took the stand today to testify in the Roger Clemens perjury trial.

That should be a themed insert set for Topps Update! :O

6,000,000 Cards and Counting... said...

Very nice! I have a few Pettitte gu I got from my massive purchase. If you are interested in buying, let me know and I can tell ya what I got. Email me!