Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Topps Retired Rings Mike Schmidt /736

A great trade with The Daily Dimwit.  Make sure to visit his blog  This is just a sick card.  The thickest card I have ever held.  Love the design.  If you have any for trade, I might want it so let me know.  Another Schmidt card for the pc.  2012 Topps Retired Rings #MS Mike Schmidt.  Serial numbered to 736.


Stealing Home said...

awesome ! totally awesome !!

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

I haven't seen one of these "Rings" cards in person yet. Are they as cumbersome as they look?

Dangit. Now I've got another stupid song stuck in my head.


Ultimate Dog Stop said...

Yes, they are very cumbersome. Huge.