Saturday, June 25, 2011

Google has disabled my Baseball Cards Rule account for reasons unknown

I would like to thank Google for disabling my account so I can no longer login under my Baseballcardsrule account.  So now I can't access my Google, YouTube, or Blogger account under that account.  This is the problem with them owning everything.  You disable one account and then you lose them all.  Oh, and you can contact them to ask them why since they don't have email or a phone number you can call.  Luckily I can still access this blog through my Ultimate Dog Stop id.  You would think the all mighty Google would have a little better customer service than this.

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Robert said...

Hope fully you can get it all sorted out. Appears that many others have had the same problem getting locked out by the blog being flagged as spam.

Here is a link with one getting help, the steps to do are provided in that help thread.