Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Houston TRISTAR Sportscard Show, I'm so ready for this!

We have 2 big card shows a year here in the Houston area.  Both are presented by TRISTAR Productions.  Next one is this weekend, January 21-23.  I love looking for deals and buying cards I have been really wanting.  Nothing like having a list of cards to search for, kinda like my own private treasure hunt.  A lot more funner than searching eBay all day.  I am looking to pickup some vintage and graded cards this year.  Every year I always buy one box of some type of Bowman product.  If you in the area this is a must go show.  Lots of great autographs to get and just a great time for a sportscard fan.  I will probably spend about 5-6 hours there on my hunt.  Wish me luck!  Visit for details.


dodgerbobble said...

Some good signers both days. i wish there was something like this in LA.

yankeesjetsfan said...

As far as I know, TriStar cam to New York/New Jersey only once a couple of years ago. The card show we get is usually the same dealers peddling the same wares. Wish there was new dealers to deal with, but it could be worse I guess.

Good luck hunting for treasure.

Baseball Cards Rule said...

I found some great stuff. I will post soon.