Saturday, December 11, 2010

2002 SPx #165 Ichiro Suzuki Jersey Relic

This probably the only Japan player I collect at all.  They just usually don't measure up but of course Ichiro is the exception.  Just think how much more of an impact he could of made on baseball in America if he had played his whole career here.  2002 SPx #165 Ichiro Suzuki jersey piece numbered to 800.  Nice second year card of him too.  Current Beckett book value is around $25.


Fuji said...

First a Gwynn jersey card... now Ichiro? What are you doing? Posting jersey card of all of my PC players? Sweet Ichiro.

Anonymous said...

@Fuji, I guess we collect some of the same players. I will try to post somemore of what you might like.

Fuji said...

Looking forward to it... keep up the great posts!