Friday, September 10, 2010

Topps Announces Red Hot Rookie Redemptions #8 Stephen Strasburg

Topps announces the player redeemable for the 2010 Topps Baseball Series 2 RED HOT ROOKIE Redemption # 8 is Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg.  My question is does anyone really care about this or not now that he his hurt?  Some will continue to hate but me for one will be buying some of his cards later when they really start to go down somemore.  There is no doubt the talent this kid has, but can he recover, that is the real question.  Here's to a successful and speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

The sound you heard when Strasburg went down was the sound of baseball card speculators screaming about their losses.

I think we all need to remember TINSTAPP (A Baseball Prospectus acronym - There Is No Such Thing As (A) Pitching Prospect)

Anonymous said...

Ain't that the truth. Glad I only traded for the Bowman Chrome and that's the only one I have.