Monday, January 18, 2010

Hoping Tim Lincecum has another great year

How can you not like this guy?  It very exciting to watch him pitch.  His pitching style looks funky but its effective.  Lincecum throws a fastball in the mid-90s that can sometimes reach 98-99 MPH.  This pitch has little lateral movement, due to his overhand delivery and the speed at which the pitch is thrown.  He also has a big breaking curveball that is thrown at about 80 MPH.  Lincecum uses a changeup that he grips similar to a splitter to offset his top two pitches and keep batters off-balance.  His changeup appears similar to his fastball for the first 30 feet, but then breaks down and in toward a right-handed batter as it approaches the plate, with a good 10+ MPH velocity difference from his fastball.  He has recently added a cut fastball which breaks down and in against left-handers.  With his power fastball and plus secondary pitches, he has quickly established himself as one of the top pitchers in the game.  Can't wait for the baseball season to start.  Visit Tim's website to learn more about him.

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